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Boxed Portable Towel

Boxed Portable Towel

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Key Features 

  • Cold and comfortable, easy to absorb sweat: Our boxed sweat absorbing warm ice towels use excellent technology to bring you a cold and comfortable experience. Whether it's intense running or intense fitness, it can quickly absorb sweat and keep you dry all the time. The cold characteristic can also lower your body temperature, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed during exercise.
  • Multi functional sports sweat wiping tool: This towel is not only suitable for wiping the forehead and wrist, but can also be used as a sports towel to cover the shoulders or neck, providing comprehensive sweat wiping protection for you. It is lightweight and portable, and can be carried around, making it the ideal choice for you to exercise. Whether it's indoor fitness or outdoor running, it can come in handy.
  • Skin care: We use high-quality polyester fiber in the towel section, which is gentle and non irritating to the skin. Gently apply it to your skin to instantly absorb sweat, avoiding prolonged sweat erosion and keeping your skin comfortable.
  • Fashionable design, highlighting individuality: The towel adopts a fashionable design, with unique patterns and colors that make it not only a functional product, but also a perfect combination of fashion and sports. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a fashionable youth, you can find a style that suits you. Show off your personality and make sports no longer monotonous.
  • Attentive after-sales service, quality assurance: We provide comprehensive and considerate after-sales service, and we will promptly solve any product usage issues or after-sales needs for you. The product has undergone strict quality testing, ensuring that every piece of towel in your hands is a representative of high-quality. Rest assured in choosing and ensuring quality.


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